This GWHA website is being updated so please bear with us as we struggle to fill in the blanks - we are blessed in that we had very few problem issues in Gordon Woods over the last 4 years other than constant home building and construction but things are changing fast with the LRT plans and construction and the Multi-Use Trail and Credit River Bridge issues, so please keep posted.


The Gordon Woods Homeowners’ Association was incorporated in July 1977 with a mandate to preserve the character of our residential community: to maintain our trees, our wildlife and the tranquility of our neighbourhood. The residents united to address issues such as the high volume of traffic through our streets and the protection of our neighbourhood from indiscriminate land development.


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GWHA Purpose

To provide value to the Gordown Woods community and its residents through representation and advocacy with all levels of government regarding the concerns related to the welfare of the neighbourhood.  We believe that residents of Gordon Woods are entrusted with a unique ecological environment and we are duty bound to protect it for future generations.