Wildlife in Gordon Woods

The woods are a haven for many species. Many birds and insects, squirrels, chipmunks and larger animals—foxes, coyotes, raccoons and once in a while, deer, are still here. At one time there were rabbits, skunks and pheasants, but they have disappeared. There are many snakes, toads, frogs and turtles.

Trees in Gordon Woods

Maples—red and black, simple leaf and opposite leaf; Oaks—Northern red, black, white, pin oak twig; Birch—paper bark (white), black; Black Cottonwood—now extinct; Mountain Ash—now extinct; Poplar—now extinct; Shagbark Hickory—now extinct; Wild Cherry; white Pine.


Medicinal Trees


Witch Hazel




Wild Grape; Virginia Creeper; Poison Ivy

Wildflowers in Gordon Woods

Jack-in-the-Pulpit; Dogtooth Violet or Trout Lily or Adder's Tongue; Violet—blue, yellow, white; Hepatica; False Solomon's Seal; Wild Ginger; May Flower or Mandrake; May Apple; Wild Geranium; Ladies' Slipper, showy and large yellow, now extinct; Dutchmans' Breeches; Indian Pipe; Trillium—painted, white, red or sessile flower; Wild Columbine; Blood Root; Wild Strawberry; Wild Blueberry, now extinct; Wild Rose; Wild Elderberry, now extinct; Wintergreen


Marsh Flowers

Marigold; Jewelweed

Field Flowers

Goldenrod; Wild Aster; Thistle; Burdock; Butter & Eggs; Red Clover; Field Daisy; Mullein; Milkweed